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Do you have procurement goals you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you. 

Procurement Consulting by Trilevel Procurement.

Trilevel Procurement is a leading procurement consulting firm, assisting in all aspects of procurement / acquisition and sourcing.  Our procurement consulting achieves serious cost reductions, sustainability and can help you meet other strategic goals.

With years of procurement experience, Trilevel Procurement helps businesses in many industries achieve superior procurement results.  Trilevel Procurement increases cost-efficiency, responsiveness and adaptability of supply chains. 

Procurement Results

After an evaluation and financial review of your purchasing activities, we give a unique appraisal of each client’s procurement positions and areas of improvement.  Utilizing our dynamic and highly varied market knowledge and analytics, drawn from a large number of industries and businesses, we can provide benchmarks and customized proposals across a wide variety of industries.  Our process drives first in class cost savings, minimization of supply chain disruptions and base cost predictability.

Sustainable Procurement

Supply chain disruptions are costly and add volatility to an already uncertain business climate.  Trilevel Procurement will help add sustainability and predictability to your procurement / purchasing needs and help you anticipate supply chain disruptions.  Supply chain disruptions are costly and Trilevel Procurement can help you avoid them through our first in class analytics and consulting services.

Strategic Procurement

Our team works alongside yours to help you achieve broader corporate strategic goals.  We fully analyze supply chain processes, technology and implementation to ensure maximum efficiency and achievement of your broader business goals. 

RFI’s / RFP’s / RFQ’s

RFI (Requests for Information) are broader requests managed carefully to obtain base level information about a supplier and its product and service offerings.  Through RFI’s we help clients understand the range of options available to them in a given supplier space.  RFI’s help us to explore the full range of a vendor’s offerings as well as their production capacity and other supplier logistics.

RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) are more specific requests directed to obtain specific proposals to address a customer’s issues.  RFP’s are the means by which we obtain a vendor’s pricing and solutions.  FIRMNAME is a specialist in requesting and analyzing RFP’s, ensuring that sufficient details are provided to properly analyze a vendor’s offerings. 

RFQ’s (Requests for Quotation) are even more specific and direct the vendor to nail down exact pricing and specifications for the solutions offered.  RFQ’s are issued when the parties have generally resolved the nature of the customer’s issues, solutions provided and which specific solutions will work best for the customer.

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